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GETI has been facilitating successful training programmes for over five years and we remain fully committed to delivering quality training, using highly qualified tutors with extensive experience and knowledge in their field.
We believe that in order for organizations to evolve successfully, continued development of staff is essential.


We help unemployed graduates to become more employable in the 21st century workplaces

The students are practically guided on honing such skills that are necessary for career success at all levels of employment and for all levels of education.

For already employed individuals, we do off-site or on-the-job training on important work readiness skills to enable them to be productive in their respective work areas, thus enabling them to either keep their jobs and or get promotion

Our team of professionals continuously explores skills currently needed for employment. With our expertise gained for so many years from conducting corporate training for both public and private companies, we have knowledge on what employers seek from their employees to make sure they are productive.

Job specific technical qualifications/skills in a given field are no longer sufficient as employers increasingly demand candidates that can fill interdependent jobs and can deal with increasing pressures at work. A blend of qualifications, technical expertise, soft skills and human relations ability are therefore important to be attractive to employers and to be competitive in the job market.


We provide guidance to University students

Students enrolled at various tertiary institutions with academic research projects, including practical aspects, where it’s applicable. Guidance offered covers the following:

  1. Research/Thesis topic formulations
  2. Research/Thesis writing guidance
  3. Practical aspects of academic projects
  4. Effective Study Skills
  5. Academic Assignments
  6. One- on- One tutorials for High School & University Students
  7. Job attachments/Internship