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The training will include an understanding of pharmacy procedures, drug interactions and reactions, an overview of various drug categories, pharmacy law, compounding, and a pharmacy technician practicum. It provides information on many aspects of working in a pharmacy, from administrative tasks to understanding the basics of medical terminology and pharmacology. A pharmacy assistant most often performs a number of administrative duties such as answering phones, stocking shelves, or using the cash register, but could also assist with a number of pharmacy technician jobs such as verifying prescription information.
Certificate Course NURSING ASSISTANT
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This course provides instruction in the roles and responsibilities of the Nursing Assistant. Body structure and function, infection prevention, nutrition, principles of growth and development, safety in healthcare, home health care, and care of the older person are some of the topics emphasized. Instruction and practice of basic patient care skills required for Nursing Assistants is provided. Skills practiced include patient assistance with activities of daily living, personal care, transfer and positioning, vital sign measurement, intake and output measurement, restorative care, and communication.
Certificate Course CAREGIVER
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Despite many common experiences, caregivers' roles are highly variable across the course of caregiving. The diversity of families, the timing of entry into the caregiving role, the duration of the role in relation to the overall life course of the caregiver, and transitions in care experienced over time all shape the nature of the caregiving role. Increased globalization and modernization has brought about problems of old age, disaster related injuries, mental stress disorders & paucity of trained medical & health professionals etc. In view of these phenomena GETI takes pride in meeting the challenge for the need of care giving from the family unit to the community and the institution as an important component of a continuing care and rehabilitation. The availability of trained care givers and operationalizing the programme in care giving, will fulfil the needs of the chronically ill, elderly and persons with disability increasing at an alarming rate
Certificate Course ACCOUNTING
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This Accounting course will introduce students to the world of financial accounting. The course emphasises the fundamentals of financial accounting concepts, principles and policies. It will also explain the concepts of double entry accounting and explore subsidiary books and their function. Students will also be introduced to the creation of trial balances and the final accounts
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In this course, students will discover how professional logistics and supply chain management play a pivotal role in most contemporary business operations. Smooth and efficient supply chain operations benefit not only a brand’s bottom line, but everything from reputation to industry position and even long-term viability. This Logistics and Supply Chain Management Certificate will help you gain a deeper understanding of the processes within supply chain management, including purchasing and inbound logistics; handling; warehousing; inventory and financial controls; transportation; and reverse logistics.
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This course provides an overview of early childhood care and education including historical and cultural perspectives, organization, structure, programming, and evidence-based practices. Professional and evidence-based practices of highly-qualified early childhood educators are outlined with an emphasis on their ability to enhance development and learning of each and every child between the ages of birth and eight. Considerations for diversity of culture, language, race, socio-economic status, gender, ethnicity, and ability will be included.
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In this certificate program, you’ll gain the specialized skills to manage health information and electronic records in a variety of health care settings. We’ll explore the collection and maintenance of medical information, including patient records, diagnostic, insurance, and financial information. Students in a certificate program explore database management, medical coding, electronic health records, and legal and ethical issues in health information management.
Certificate Course DIGITAL MARKETING
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In a world where, more and more activities are centred online, digital marketing is one of the most effective ways to build customer relationships and promote your organization's products or services. But it can also be a struggle to make sense of the sea of acronyms, technologies and platforms. This digital marketing certificate program begins with an overview of the digital marketing landscape, preparing you to implement a series of proven frameworks within your organization. The program then takes a detailed look at opportunities and strategies associated with leading channels and platforms including digital, mobile and emerging technologies. You will be guided, step by step, in assessing customer needs and marketing objectives and in creating your own digital marketing plans for both paid and owned media. By the end of this program, you’ll pull your digital marketing ideas together into a single, integrated plan based on your organizational priorities and resources.
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The purpose of this programme is to equip students with basic knowledge of medical office administration. The programme will allow learners to carry out administrative functions effectively in a medical office or hospital administration environment. Leaners will also be exposed to ethical issues in health care, whether using traditional or new forms of technological interventions. This programme will prepare learners for a career in medical office administration offering an opportunity to work in a medical setting and supporting patients through various administrative and medical related administrative functions. Graduates of this programme will be able to work in doctors’ offices, hospitals, medical clinics, pharmaceutical companies, government health agencies, and a variety of other medical office settings.
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The purpose of this programme is to equip students with the knowledge of medical billing and medical coding. This programme is significant to Namibia because it contains key areas that are of essence, firstly in terms of NSFAF priority fields of study for academic year 2021-2025 and secondly by satisfying the goals of the Republic of Namibia’s policy framework for long term national development as enshrined in the country’s Vision 2030, Articles 3.2 and 3.3 on improving people’s quality of life and health and development respectively. The programme will allow learners to correctly code and process healthcare claims and thus providing error free billing for accurate re-imbursements to both insurance companies and health providers leading to health affordability.
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